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Having a regular dental cleaning and check-up is super important to help you avoid any major dental problems. Our Hygienist and Dentist will detect any dental issues on time to help you maintain a beautiful and healthy smile.

Importance of Professional Dental Cleaning

Professional Dental Cleaning

Having an AWESOME Dental Hygienist is essential these days. You must ensure you and your family go for regular dental cleanings and checkups so if there are any problems the dentist can treat it before it becomes a bigger problem.

One of the places in Oakville that you will receive AWESOME dental cleaning services is Kiwi Dental Office. Once you have booked an appointment with us, you will have a chance to enjoy our excellent services.

Benefits of Dental Cleaning

Many people think that brushing their teeth at home using electric toothbrushes is enough, and this is why they do not go for a dental cleaning. However, dental cleaning has so many benefits, and you should make regular visits to your dental hygienist to have a healthy smile. 

Dental Cleaning Prevents Cavities

Dental cleaning prevents cavity.

Any time you have tooth decay, there are remains of food that enters the enamel when you eat, forming an acidic substance. This acidic substance leads to teeth cavity with times.

 When you want to prevent the cavity from forming, you have to go for regular dental cleanings. The dentist will ensure that you get thorough flossing and brushing, and this will help you in preventing cavities from forming in the decayed teeth.

Dental Cleaning Prevents The Lost of Tooth

It prevents tooth loss.

Another benefit of dental cleaning is that it helps in preventing tooth loss. Most people, especially adults; lose their teeth as a result of gum disease. With time, the gum disease affects your teeth and the gum line thereby weakening your jaw bone. 

As a result, your teeth will begin to loosen and falls out with time. It is very important to have a regular dental cleaning done in dental offices to avoid such cases.

Dental Cleaning helps to bright your smile

Dental cleaning helps to brighten your smile.

When you go for a regular dental cleaning, you will be very confident about your dental health. For this reason, you will not be afraid of being in places where you will be required to be close to your friends and also coworkers. 

Having the best oral health means that you should not have bad breath from your mouth. This is why you need to go for regular dental cleaning to reduce bad breath from being produced from your mouth.

Dental cleaning helps stay healthy

It suitable for your general health.

When you have poor oral health, your general health will also be weak. With poor dental health, there are high chances of getting conditions such as heart diseases or diabetes. 

Having regular dental cleaning is very important for your general health since you will prevent the above conditions. Your dental hygienist will be able to offer the treatment that you will need to boost your overall health.

How do teeth cleaning whiten teeth?

White smile after cleaning

Most people will wonder whether teeth cleaning will help in whitening your teeth. However, the answer is yes. At Kiwi Dental Office in Oakville, you will be guaranteed that you will get teeth whitening procedures that will help in restoring the color of your teeth. 

However, many people do not believe in teeth whitening after discoloration, although it is possible. At Kiwi Dental Office for example, when you go for teeth cleaning the yellowish tartar and also the plaque is always removed thereby giving your teeth the white color back. 

With the dental hygienist available and the latest equipment that we use, you will get a beautiful white smile.

Is dental cleaning harmful to teeth?

This is one of the questions that most people who go for a dental cleaning will ask the dental hygienist. However, dental cleaning has no harm to your teeth. In case you go for a dental cleaning in Kiwi Dental Office in Oakville they make use of instruments that have vibrating motions and water flushing when cleaning your teeth and hence you will not experience any harmful effects. 

However, if you visit the dentist when your oral health is wanting, you will realize that your teeth may develop some mobility, but it will heal with time. This is not an effect of teeth cleaning, but it is caused by poor oral health. To ensure that you maintain your dental health, dental hygienists will ask you to visit a dentist for a checkup and dental cleaning at least once in every six months

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What are the types of teeth cleaning?

There are different types of teeth cleaning, depending on your oral health needs. The various teeth cleaning types include:

  • Prophylaxis cleaning
  • Scaling and root planing
  • Periodontal maintenance
  • Gross debridement
Prophylaxis Cleaning

Prophylaxis Cleaning

This type of teeth cleaning is mainly carried out to those patients who have good oral health. It is the type of cleaning that is performed for routine maintenance of oral health which includes removing plaques, and tartars on the teeth surface, gums and between the teeth. It is also the best cleaning method that most dental hygienists prefer for patients who visit the dentist regularly. However, it can also be performed to those patients who have stains on their teeth.

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing is one of the invasive teeth cleaning procedures that are performed by a most dental hygienist during teeth cleaning session. It is a non-surgical type of teeth cleaning which involves a deep cleaning of not only the gums but also the gumlines and the structures that support the teeth. 

It is the best type of teeth cleaning for dental patients who are suffering from gum diseases like gingivitis. This type of teeth cleaning could take a few visits to ensure the removal of tartar and plaque is complete.

Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal maintenance is another type of teeth cleaning that is performed to patients with severe oral health problems. It is mostly provided to patients who are suffering from periodontitis or gingivitis. These cleaning methods include regular cleaning of the entire mouth until the gum disease is treated, which of course will require a few visits to the dental office.

Gross Debridement

Gross Debridement

This treatment is best for the patients who have much plaque that has built up on their gums, teeth, and also between the teeth. The deep cleaning that is performed during this process ensures that all the plaque and tartar has been removed. However, you should note that gross debridement is not meant for all the patients.

What is Dental Fluoride?

What is Dental Flouride

Fluoride is a natural mineral that is used to make teeth healthy and also prevent teeth cavities. It has been one of the oral treatment that has been applied and is still applied to most of the dental offices even in Oakville. Fluoride functions by supporting the tooth enamel that is health, thereby fighting the bacteria that may affect the gums and teeth. 

Fluoride is most suitable for patients who are most likely to develop cavities that occur as a result of bacteria building up on the teeth and gum.

What are the benefits of Dental Fluoride?

Protect Teeth

It restores minerals to the tooth surfaces.

When your teeth have cavities, the bacteria also erodes the minerals in the tooth surfaces. When you use fluoride treatment, you will be in a position to restore all the fluoride that has been lost. In case the cavities have not developed, using this treatment will help in preventing tooth cavities at all costs.

Protects your teeth

It prevents decay from penetrating your teeth.

Although fluoride treatment cannot cure teeth decay, it ensures that the outer surface of your teeth is stronger, thereby preventing any cavity from reaching the deeper parts of the teeth. In case you introduce your young children to it while young, they will never have a tooth cavity.

Strong Teeth

It strength your teeth and boosts your oral health.

This natural element has minerals such as calcium that are necessary for strengthening teeth. For this reason, fluoride treatment ensures that your dental health is boosted.

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