Wisdom Teeth Extraction FAQ's

What Preparation Is Needed For Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Early prevention and treatment most always equals a better outcome. Your dentist can help you first assess whether or not you need your wisdom teeth extracted through an initial oral examination and x-ray.

If swelling, pain, or infection happens before wisdom teeth extraction, antibiotics will probably need to be taken to ensure the infection does not get worse. Antibacterial medicines, mouth rinse, and/or painkillers may be prescribed to lessen infected tooth pain pre-surgery.

Is there a lot of pain with wisdom teeth extractions?

Dentists are aware of the level of pain this procedure will bring and will prescribe medication that should be strong enough to help you cope depending on how the treatment went.

Often there will be side effects such as drowsiness, so driving and many types of jobs involving operative heavy machinery are not recommended for a while. Alcohol should be avoided as this will only make things worse.

If there is still pain after a few weeks, it will be advisable to have the site looked at just to make sure that nothing has gone wrong.

How Long Is The Recovery From Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Make sure to follow the doctor’s instructions post wisdom teeth surgery to prevent any further complications. Generally, healing and recovery take about three to five days. For swelling, ice packs can be applied, as recommended by your doctor. Gauze can also be reapplied for bleeding.

Softer foods should be eaten immediately following the procedure for a few days while spicy, hard, and chewy foods should be avoided. Your doctor will advise or prescribe the appropriate pain medicine for you. Also, take greater care when brushing and flossing immediately following surgery.


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