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There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a patient beam with pride after one of our services. We understand that your smile plays a large role in your appearance, and we want you to be able to face life with your best foot forward. If you’ve been hiding behind a lacklustre smile, we encourage you to visit our office for a consultation. Below is a look at some of our work.

Black Triangle Closure

A black triangle is the empty space between your teeth at the gum line. Oftentimes, this space is caused by gum recession and resembles a triangular shape. We can treat this aesthetic imperfection with soft tissue grafting.

Connective Tissue Graft

Commonly used to treat root exposure, this procedure involves making a flap at the roof of your mouth and taking a small piece of tissue beneath it. This tissue is then stitched to the receding area and the flap is stitched back together.

Gum Graft

A gum graft is the process of harvesting healthy gum tissue, either from other areas of the mouth or a donor, and placing it over damaged, receding gum tissue. This method is used for both cosmetic and restorative purposes.

4 Crowns & Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is performed to elongate the natural tooth and reduce the amount of gum tissue covering them. Once the crown lengthening is completed, a dental crown can be placed for optimal visual appeal.

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