Teeth Cleaning Cost in Ontario

The cost of teeth cleaning, according to the Ontario Dental Association 2024 Fee Guide, is as follows:
  • 1 unit of scaling   $73
  • 2 units of scaling $140
  • 3 units of scaling $197
Each unit equals 15 minutes. 
The timing for the appointment includes cleaning the teeth, giving hygiene instructions to the patient or guardian, answering questions, and recording dental records into the patient's chart. 
Most adults will need two to three units, and kids will need about one to two units of scaling, depending on their oral hygiene status.
The dental hygienist will do an assessment and let you know how many units of scaling you will need.
Everyone is different, and only a hygienist or dentist can tell you how many scaling units you need to clean your teeth and return to healthy conditions.
Most dental insurance will cover the cost of teeth cleaning.
Polish and fluoride are extra and sometimes not covered by insurance but are recommended to keep your teeth strong and healthy. 
  • 1/2 unit of polish $36
  • Fluoride Treatment $38

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