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Family Dentist for Kids

Our kid's dentist always makes sure all kids have an AWESOME dental experience, especially on their first visit to our dental office in Oakville.

The office is designed to be family-friendly using calming colours and comfortable seating space. Our kid's dentists and staff will give extra attention to the little ones to make sure they feel comfortable on their dental visit.

As a parent, you want to take care of your child's health from an early age. But, many, avoid taking their kids to the dentist until they are a little older.

We recommend parents to bring their children to the dentist as early as two years old. This will help the child get used to the environment and to be calmer in future visits.


Top Children Dentist in Oakville

Best Kids Dentist in Oakville

Dr. Nourian and Kiwi Dental are honoured to receive this amazing recognition from Three Best Rated as one of the top dentists in Oakville for kids.

She is a general family dentist but with a soft touch for kids which makes her an amazing dentist when treating them. 

At Kiwi Dental we see a lot of families for all their dental treatment and we always give special attention to the little ones to make sure they have an AWESOME dental experience.


Dental Treatment for Kids

We're a general dental practice, so we offer dental care for children starting at the age of two, and we can perform all of your dental care needs in the office as well. 

Some areas of dental work we perform in-office for kids are:

When taking your kids to the dentist in Oakville for general dental care for the first time, you're obviously searching for the best kids dentist close to home.

Apart from the kid’s dental care, we also offer general dental services for adults, so you can bring the entire family to our office. 

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Time to Take Your Kids to the Dentist


Their teeth begin coming in as early as the age of six months in some cases. We recommend parents to bring their kids to see a dentist as soon as the child turns two years old.

This allows us to teach your child the importance of good oral hygiene, at an age where they're beginning to develop. This is something that will carry on with them through adulthood and each dental visit will be much easier.

Although your child's permanent teeth won't begin coming in until a later age, the primary teeth which come in at a much younger age, while they're teething, are extremely important to their future oral health.

Some of the basic functions which "baby" teeth will help your child with include:

  • Learning how to chew their food properly
  • Help to save space for their permanent teeth to grow in
  • Promoting a beautiful smile and jaw development

The baby teeth also help in your child's speech development as they get older. Most parents aren't aware of these functions, and therefore, forget to take their child to see a dentist until they are a little older. This is a mistake you can avoid by bringing your child into our practice, as soon as they are two years of age.

Kids Dentistry at Kiwi DentalKids Dentistry at Kiwi DentalKids Dentistry at Kiwi Dental

No Reason to Fear the Dentist


Many children develop an irrational fear of the dentist, simply because they've never been there. If they walk into a general dental practice at the age of 5-7 for the first time and see all the dental tools and some loud noises, they might get scared it will be much difficult to treat.

When you begin bringing your child in for care at a younger age, it'll help dissipate some of those fears, and once they hit the age of 5-7, they'll feel calm and natural about visiting the dentist.

Kids that are more used to coming to a dental office will have a better relationship with the dentist, as they get older especially for major treatment. 

When you bring your child in at a younger age, we can teach them the importance of dental care and hygiene. Using photos, descriptive stories, and other teaching tools are some of the ways in which our kid's dentist, will work with your child, in helping them develop a healthy oral hygiene routine, at an early age.

The sooner your child comes into the office, receives care, and learns the importance of preserving their teeth, the easier it is going to be for them to continue with that care throughout their teen years, and throughout adulthood.

Kid having an awesome time at a dental office

Awesome Dental Experience

We focus on good oral hygiene and professional dental care starting at a young age. This will help prevent major dental issues and concerns as your child gets older.

You can prevent certain dental problems by bringing your child to see one of our dentists. As a parent, it's important for you to understand the importance of good oral care and hygiene. 

We offer a wide range of dental services for both children and adults. We are a general dental practice with leading dentists who focus on excellent care.

When choosing a dental office for care, make sure you choose one that is convenient and can treat the whole family. 


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We are located inside of the North Oakville Medical Building beside the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital by the intersection of Dundas and Third Line.
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