Visiting The Dentist While Pregnant

Should I See a Dentist While I Am Pregnant?

There are always concerns regarding the topic of pregnancy and dentistry. Faced with the question, The answer to this question is a resounding Yes. However, a pregnant woman who goes to the dentist, always doubts and concerns about whether dental treatment will affect the baby.

Not only is it not contraindicated to go to the dentist while pregnant, but it is recommended that you do so, especially if she has a dental problem, to prevent it from getting worse.

Maintaining good oral health before and during gestation is essential. During this phase, you can do preventive dental treatments such as cleaning your mouth and treating cavities. Non-urgent treatments can be delayed after delivery.


Why Is Dental Health During Pregnancy Important?

Good oral health is essential for the proper development of the baby during the pregnancy and lactation process.

  • During this stage of life, you are more likely to develop gingivitis, which is a precursor to periodontal disease and consists of inflammation and infection of the gums, making them more sensitive to the damaging effects of plaque bacteria that form permanently on the teeth.
  • Periodontal disease has been associated with heart disease, type 2 diabetes, respiratory and kidney diseases, and pregnancy problems, such as miscarriages and premature births.
  • The hormonal changes you experience during gestation can not only alter your skin; your hair can also cause changes in the enamel of your teeth.

Are X-rays, Local Anesthetics, and Medications Safe?

Most dental X-rays are safe during pregnancy, taking extreme caution to protect mother and baby by covering both the abdomen and thyroid with leaded aprons and collars, thus minimizing radiation exposure.

Drugs must be administered with caution and in moderate doses, meeting the condition that the molecular weight of their active ingredient or drug is less than or does not exceed 600 since this premise prevents the drug or active ingredient from passing through the placental barrier. Local anesthetics are always below this figure.


How Can I Keep My Teeth and Gums Healthy?

As a prevention, you should consider some basic recommendations, especially when there is a previous history of periodontal disease, as this increases the risk of developing more gum problems during pregnancy.

  • If the search for the baby is within your plans, it is ideal to have a mouth cleaning before getting pregnant since invasive treatments are not so recommended because sensitivity increases considerably.
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene. A good routine of oral hygiene, through correct brushing and the use of dental floss or interproximal brushes, is essential to prevent the appearance of dental and periodontal diseases.
  • Visit the dentist regularly it's¬†essential to prevent and treat any oral disease simply and effectively.
  • Follow a balanced diet. Increase the consumption of vitamins A, B, and C, calcium, zinc, and iron.
  • The anxiety or desire to eat during the day increases in pregnancy. In these cases, you should choose healthy and nutritious foods such as; meats, yogurt, fruits and avoid sweet cookies, soft drinks that increase the risk of cavities.

More Information

Finally, if you plan your pregnancy, it is recommended that you start with a proper dental cleaning before conceiving; thus, you will already be prepared to avoid all these diseases in your teeth.

If you are already pregnant, we advise you to go to your trusted dentist. This will allow you to solve all your doubts and keep rigorous control of your oral health.


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