Things to Know Before Getting Your Teeth Whitening

The major challenge with whitening your teeth is damage to enamel if correct procedures are not followed. When used excessively, some teeth whitening products are brushing too hard and often will make the enamel of the tooth crack and therefore expose it. This will lead to tooth sensitivity, gum irritation by the same effects, or exposure to hydrogen peroxide, leading to tooth sensitivity.

There are a few risks to consider:

The risk of ingesting peroxide is too high. Therefore, you should not try teeth whitening if nursing or pregnant. Another challenge is technicolour, meaning that the teeth have different colours. This problem happens when the porcelain veneer, crowns, or bonding whitening match with the teeth colour or when the new substances used fail to affect any current whitening elements used. Therefore your newly whitened teeth fail to match with previously added dental materials.

Expectations after the procedure:

It’s good to have realistic expectations with the procedure. When tooth whitening is done, the teeth will usually return to their natural colour after some time. This is generally dictated by genetics and according to lifestyle. When bleaching, bleach the teeth only to the porcelain dental level you have once again had. This will ensure the whitened teeth and natural teeth colour match. The whitening results may not be evident until two weeks are over after bleaching. Therefore if the needed result fails to appear immediately, wait to be sure before undertaking any other procedure.


In conclusion, teeth whitening is a process and not a single-time action; consider teeth whitening if the teeth are discoloured by age, smoking, coffee, or tea. Just a single visit to a dentist could provide you with satisfying results. Still, it’s good to provide regular maintenance to your teeth for more lasting effects, with the best results when this maintenance is done by a professional.


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