Teeth Whitening

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Pro Teeth Whitening

399 Dollars

What is Teeth Whitening?

There are a few whitening treatments you can try to get a beautiful white smile:

  • Professional In-Office Whitening
  • Professional Teeth Whitening Kits
  • Whitening Strips and Gels
  • Whitening Toothpaste
  • Whitening Rinses
  • In-Office opalescence Whitening System
  • Use of DIY natural method

Tooth Appearance

Is the booster to your first impression in the office and among friends. If you need a beautiful, whiter, and brighter smile, you must have to learn a few things about tooth whitening. Tooth whitening, also known as dental bleaching, although different but closely related, is a cosmetic dental procedure that restores the teeth in their colour, but bleaching can brighten the teeth above their actual colour. The colour of your teeth can change due to various reasons, but this is no reason to worry, as they are many professional and home remedies to restore and brighten your teeth once again.

Scientific Research

Research has proven that teeth whitening is fully effective in seven-eight percent of the general population, persons of all ages. With the spread of teeth whitening and the popularity growth of the industry, research continues on various dental procedures of tooth whitening. Most teeth whitening methods are not permanent, and the process involves the removal of the organic substances on the enamel through the dis-solvent method of using peroxide derivatives. These methods are also useful on a subject with a lot of enamel.


Teeth Whitening Cost

The cost of teeth whitening depends on the options you select. The most common options are in-office professional teeth whitening which costs around $399 and at-home teeth whitening which costs around $100. 

For best results, we recommend in-office teeth whitening to give you the shade you desire and will last longer.

Some dental insurances will cover teeth whitening, we can help you find out if yours will cover it.

If your insurance does not cover it or you do not have insurance we have in-house dental plans to help you get the treatment that you need by making small monthly payments.




Dr. Nourian

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Dr. Somayeh Nourian is the principal dentist at Kiwi Dental, focusing on restorative, cosmetic and dental surgeries. She has been practicing dentistry since 2006 as a family dentist and has earned the trust of many families to take care of their oral health.

She graduated from the University of Ottawa with a bachelor of Biochemistry and earned her dental degree from the University of Toronto in 2006. She has a passion for dental surgeries and cosmetic dentistry, including dental implants, gum grafts, Invisalign and currently part of the Ontario Dental Implant Network.

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