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What is a root canal?

When you have a severely damaged or infected tooth, we can remove the defective pulp inside of your tooth’s canals. Once the pulp is removed, we disinfect the area and use a filling called gutta-percha to prevent future infections.

Depending on your needs, we may top your tooth with a dental crown for additional protection. Root canal therapy is a common procedure geared towards preserving your oral health and your natural teeth.

If you think that you may need a root canal, please reach out to our office as soon as possible to schedule your consultation!


Root canal cost

The cost of treatment for a single root canal starts around $550 and up depending on the person and tooth condition. There are too many factors that make it impossible to provide an exact amount without a proper dental examination. 

Most dental insurance plans cover root canals and we can help you find out about your coverage.

If you do not have dental insurance we have payment plans which make it easy to get the treatment that you need, contact us for more information.

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Frequently asked questions

When do I need a root canal?

Every patient is different. However, there are some common signs and symptoms that may indicate the need for root canal therapy, including:

  • The appearance of Bump on Gums
  • Sharp Tooth Pain when Chewing
  • Sudden Blackening of Tooth
  • Swollen, Tender Gums
  • Throbbing, Persistent Toothache

What is the root canal procedure like? 

The root canal procedure is actually pretty simple and stress-free. We thoroughly numb the area around the tooth and we also offer some sedation options for additional comfort.

Most patients report feeling almost-instant relief after their root canal treatment. While it may sound intimidating, root canal therapy is actually nothing to fear!

What can I do to prevent needing a root canal?

One of the best ways to prevent the need for a root canal is to maintain a proper at-home oral hygiene regimen by brushing twice a day for two minutes each and flossing daily.

We also recommend attending biannual dental cleanings and exams. This gives our team a chance to examine your smile to catch any dental issues while they’re still small!

Dr. Nourian

Dr. Somayeh Nourian is the principal dentist at Kiwi Dental focusing on restorative, cosmetic and dental surgeries. With over 14 years of experience as a family dentist, she has earned the trust of many families to take care of their oral health.

She graduated from the University of Ottawa with a bachelor of Biochemistry and earned her dental degree from the University of Toronto in 2006. She has a passion for dental surgeries including dental implants and gum grafts and is currently part of the Ontario Dental Implant Network.


Dental Clinic Location

We are located inside of the North Oakville Medical Building beside the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital by the intersection of Dundas and Third Line.
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