What are All-On 4 Dental Implants

In medical terms, all-on-4 dental implants are referred to as the full-arch fixed implant bridges or full-arch restoration, where the entire arch bridge is supported and fixed by four dental implants. Instead of implanting the teeth one by one, dental practitioners use this solution to completely rehabilitate the teeth arch with four artificial implants.

The term is used to usually present it as an entire package, which is pocket friendly, and at certain times, provides a huge advantage for patients who are prone to losing their teeth because of age or other dental issues. 

When to Get it Done?

All On 4 dental implant is a prosthodontics procedure, which is similar to a prosthetics surgery in the mouth. Given its high demand amongst patients, a lot of people ask when is the right time to get this particular treatment done.

Generally, it is being noticed by professionals that people who are soon to be edentulous, i.e. about to lose their teeth, usually are the first ones to get this treatment done. People who are in their old age and have started losing their teeth get this implant done.

In order cases, youth or even middle-aged people, who have lost their teeth because of certain dental issues or diseases, get this treatment recommended, in order to function well.

It is to consider that every patient and their needs are different, depending on the structure of their mouth, health conditions, and even other factors.

So, before we decide to get this particular dental implant done, it is our recommendation to consult a professional dentist, or simply get a regular check-up done to understand if this implant solution is required.

What to Consider Before the Implant?

While this treatment might sound like one of the best ways to restore all the teeth by implanting the whole arch, there are certain factors that need consideration. 

  1. Patients might encounter speech issues, given that an entire arch is artificially been restored in your mouth, which would naturally be heavier than the natural gum tissues. 
  2. Adapting to the changes in the mouth can be overwhelming for some patients since it completely takes away the original feeling. 
  3. There can be a change in the perception of the movement of our teeth, leading to less or at times, excessive force while biting.


All On 4 Dental Implants is one of the most effective and best ways to get the full-arch restored, instead of going through the procedure of individual tooth implants. It is dental-friendly and one of the cheapest techniques to get that wide smile back on your face.


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