The Proper Way To Clean Dental Implants

In the two weeks following the insertion of the dental implants, patients should clean all surrounding teeth thoroughly to avoid contamination of the wound. We recommend using a variety of mouthwash preparations and antimicrobial-based gels. In addition, a very soft surgical brush for post-operative wound hygiene is ideal. Here at Oakville, we help our patients to find the best cleaning tools.

Unfortunately, some patients believe that it is useless to clean dental implants. To put it another way, because dental implants are not real teeth, some patients think they cannot decay. However, it is not so. Good oral hygiene every day at home is essential. 

In reality, dental implants need even more care than natural teeth. This is because bacteria can easily deposit between the tissues surrounding the implants. Thus, the lack of hygiene can cause serious diseases.

There are four tools needed to clean the implants:

  • Toothbrush
  • Dental floss
  • Interdental brush
  • Oral irrigator

Let's see how to use these interdental cleaning devices most effectively. First, here are a few words on the more common toothbrush.


Good home oral hygiene always starts with an accurate brushing of the prosthetic elements.

We always recommend that our patients prefer the electric toothbrush to the manual one. For one thing, the electric one eliminates plaque more effectively. 

Remember to brush your prosthesis on implants with the electric toothbrush every day, three times a day. Start by cleaning the aesthetic surface of your teeth (the outermost one), to ensure your teeth a well-groomed appearance.

Then, focus on the most important area for maintaining the prosthesis. That is the intersection between the latter and the gum. To explain, this is the area where bacteria are most aggressive. Here, they try to penetrate the tissues around the implant and damage the underlying bone.

Dental floss

Commercial dental floss may be an inadequate tool to clean your dental implants. In our studio at Oakville, we indicate which brand or type of dental floss our patient may need.

It is recommendable to use a specific thread for cleaning the spaces between teeth and the implants. For example, if you have a dental bridge, common dental floss is not good. Always consult a professional dentist to find the most appropriate dental floss. Moreover, be careful not to irritate the gum, in order not to cause inflammation that can give rise to gingivitis.

Interdental brush

An interdental brush is useful for cleaning specific prostheses on implants. Particularly, those with interdental spaces large enough to allow this device to pass through without traumatizing the gum. Consequently, the most suitable model for you is the one that enters the space between the teeth without causing pain or bleeding.

The movement to be performed is from inside to outside: both from the outside towards the inside of the teeth, and from the inside towards the outside. 

Oral irrigator

The oral irrigator is a device that uses a jet of water to remove food debris and plaque that other tools have not managed to eliminate. Plus, you can find several models for purchase to fit your needs. Carefully follow the instruction manual for its best use


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