Broken Tooth

Emergency Exam
153 Dollars
Note: X-rays are not included

A dentist can help repair a chipped or broken tooth, and it's considered a dental emergency.

An emergency exam is required and is the first step to get your tooth fixed or provide you with available options.

Our dentist can help you get out of pain if you are in pain until your tooth is fully restored.

Whether your tooth was broken in an accident or performing a sport, it's important to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Tooth Repair Cost

It's impossible to tell the exact cost to repair a tooth without a proper dental examination. It all depends on the amount of tooth damaged and if the tooth can be saved.

Most dental insurances will cover the emergency exam and we can help you find out if your insurance plan will cover the repair procedure by providing us with your insurance information. 

What To Do After You Break A Tooth

If a tooth breaks in any situation, you should rinse your mouth as soon as possible. It will help to clear away any debris and blood. 

If you don't rinse your mouth, you're more likely to develop an infection due to the injury. It's essential to clear away any small pieces of your tooth that you might accidentally swallow. Save large fragments of your tooth so that you can show them to your dentist.

Apply a folded gauze to the area and press down on it to help stop any bleeding. You can also apply ice to constrict the blood vessels in the area and reduce bleeding and swelling.

If you chip or break a tooth, you should avoid eating on the side of your mouth that has the damaged tooth. During a dental emergency, your chipped tooth may also be more sensitive to certain foods. You should be careful about the type of meals you eat, as some foods can cause further damage to your dentine. 

If your tooth has come out of its socket, keep it clean and gently rinse it with saline or milk. 

Do not use any harsh chemicals to rinse the tooth. Don't be tempted to use bleach to clean your tooth, which could severely damage the root.

Don't scrub the tooth, and don't hold it by the root. Instead, you should hold it by the crown. Once your tooth is completely clean, try to reinsert it in its socket. 

If you're able to reinsert it, you should still go to an emergency dental clinic. If you're unable to reinsert it, place the tooth in milk to help keep it healthy until you can go to your dentist. Visit your dentist as soon as possible to help save your tooth.

Chipped Tooth Pain Relief

If your chipped tooth is causing pain, an over-the-counter pain reliever can help.

Avoid having cold, hot, spicy or acidic foods because all of these can be too harsh.

You can also apply a cold compress to the area around your tooth to help with the pain.

How To Protect Your Mouth Until You See Your Dentist

If your chipped tooth has sharp edges, then dental wax can be applied to the edge, so that you won't cut yourself accidentally.

You can get dental wax at a pharmacy near you. If you're feeling pressure or irritation around the tooth, you can gently floss to help alleviate that pressure.


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