Dental Emergency FAQ

What to do when you break or chip a tooth:

This type of dental emergency is very time-sensitive and serious. Try to save the remaining tooth or small chipped part so we can try to restore it. We may be able to restore your tooth, but if not possible, we can help you look at other options to replace the permanent tooth.

Things to do to alleviate toothache:

Toothaches are common and can happen when you are eating or drinking something hot or cold. There could be many different reasons like infected gums, tooth decay, tooth abscess, exposed roots or something else. Essentially, your body is telling you something is wrong with your oral health and needs to be checked by a dentist. You can try rinsing your mouth with warm water and applying an icepack around the area to relieve the pain.

What to do when losing a filling or crown:

This is not a major incident, but it should not be taken too lightly either. If this happens, you might feel some temperature sensitivity around the area.  To help you with any discomfort, you can rinse your mouth with warm water to try to keep the area clean until the filling or crown gets repaired.

Can an emergency dentist remove a tooth?

Our dentist will first do an assessment of your situation and if is needed they are well trained to do teeth extractions and even wisdom teeth extractions.


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