Why is Toothache worse at night?

Toothache tends to be worse at night because the brain has fewer activities bothering it at night. When our mind is not very active, the senses are very sensitive, and normal pain during the days turns to be very painful at night.

Garlic contains a compound known as Allicin, which fights bacteria and can relieve toothache at night.

Other toothache remedies

  • A solution of hot water and salt is another remedy you can use at home to rinse your mouth for cleaning infections and wounds in your mouth and hence reducing toothache.
  • Another home remedy is soaking a piece of cotton in clove oil and then place it on the aching tooth.
  • Another toothache remedy is using ice, taking a cube of ice, and rubbing it against your forefinger and thumb for at least eight minutes or until you feel numb. Ice is useful for stopping pain signals to the brain.

Note that these remedies are not long-term solutions to your toothache; they only provide relief as you wait to see a dentist.


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