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Published: December 23, 2018

70th Annual Santa Claus Parade

This year’s Santa Claus Parade occurred on Saturday, November 17th. The theme was "Celebrating 70 Years" of parades. A beloved annual tradition is a cornerstone event in Oakville and this year was as magical as it always is.

Santa Claus Parade Recap

The 70th Annual Santa Claus Parade was coordinated by the Oakville Santa Claus Parade Committee in association with the Town of Oakville. And our Kiwi Dental team had the honor of walking in this year's parade! Check out this video on our Facebook page recapping our wonderful experience at this magical event. The parade began at 9 am in downtown Oakville at Lakeshore Road East and Reynolds Avenue. Floats, walking groups, and marching bands participated while vendors from restaurants and shops from the area shared wares with the community.

Giving Back at the Parade

Another special part of the parade is the food and toy drive that helps families have a happy holiday. Members of the community brought non-perishable foods and toys to the red fire truck located at the start of the parade in an effort to help those in need this holiday season. Volunteers also raised money for the Salvation Army along the parade route. Additionally, the Family and Friends of Falgarwood raised money for local charities by selling red noses for $2 or three for $5. Many people proudly wore their red noses throughout the parade!

History of the Parade

First organized in 1948, the Oakville Santa Claus Parade has been an annual holiday tradition ever since. Bill Hughes, President of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, created the parade 70 years ago to encourage business in downtown Oakville. Every year since members of the community has come together to participate in or watch the parade. Past themes for the parade have included A Canadian Christmas Through the Decades, A Magical Musical Christmas, Christmas in Motion, Once Upon a Christmas, All I Want for Christmas, Christmas at the Movies, Rock and Roll Christmas, and many more!

Schedule Your Checkup for 2019!

Our team had an exceptional time kicking off the holiday festivities, so be sure to check out the parade next year if you weren't able to make it. But while we absolutely love all the fun around the holidays, they often are paired with lots of sugary goodies. Indulge in moderation and keep up with your daily oral hygiene routine so you can start the New Year off right with a cavity-free mouth. Contact us with any questions about how to best take care of your oral health!

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