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Dental Implants or Partial Dentures
Published: November 11, 2019

Dental Implants or Partial Dentures?

When it comes to key differences between a dental implant or partial dentures the main things to be aware of are:

  • Dental implants are put in place via a surgical procedure¬†
  • Partial dentures are a removable denture¬†
  • Dental implants are secured to the mouth itself and move very little.
  • Partial dentures attach to surrounding teeth and can shift around.
  • Dental implants require flossing, brushing, and regular tooth care
  • Partial dentures often need to be removed from the mouth and cleaned in solutions to prevent food build-up under dentures.
  • Dental implants cost more but, in the long term, cost less than partial dentures.
  • The initial oral surgery for implants is performed with an anesthetic and has minimal soreness. After the procedure is done, they feel like real teeth in the mouth.
  • Partial dentures can cause discomfort as well as gum tissue loss due to wearing away the gumline.

Are Dental Implants or Partial Dentures Better?

As the list of facts above has illustrated, implants in general are the better choice thanks to being more reliable, long-lasting, less discomfort, and easier to maintain. 

While implants are more expensive than partial dentures, overtime money is saved thanks to how implants last much longer than partial dentures which often need to be replaced and also require a great deal more maintenance.

Where to go for Dental Implants?

Now that you know how dental implants are the optimal choice for your mouth's health, you may be asking the question, "Where do I even go to get started in the process of getting dental implants? 

Kiwi Dental is a family dental practice located in North Oakville and we have been providing dental implants in Oakville to our patients who desire to get back their smile. You can easily schedule a free consultation at our dental practice where we will walk you through the entire process and the benefits.

We are a highly-trusted Oakville dentist and we are excited to help you with getting the dental implants that will leave you satisfied and eager to show off your smile. Call us today to schedule your first visit.


Dr. Nourian

Dr. Somayeh Nourian is the principal dentist at Kiwi Dental focusing on restorative, cosmetic and dental surgeries. With over 14 years of experience as a family dentist, she has earned the trust of many families to take care of their oral health.

She graduated from the University of Ottawa with a bachelor of Biochemistry and earned her dental degree from the University of Toronto in 2006. She has a passion for dental surgeries including dental implants and gum grafts and is currently part of the Ontario Dental Implant Network.

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