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Benefits of Dental Implants
Published: August 31, 2019

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Losing your teeth is devastating not only to your smile but to your overall health. It’s hard to chew, talk, and keep your jaws strong when you lose your teeth. But there’s a solution that can restore your smile and your confidence: dental implants. In this post, we’ll outline what makes dental implants a great choice for smile restoration.

What Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a beautiful, realistic-looking crown that’s anchored by a strong, biocompatible titanium rod that ensures maximum stability and reliability.

Why Dental Implants?

When properly cared for, dental implants can last up to 25 years, making them a permanent solution for missing teeth. They look and feel as similar to natural teeth as currently possible, require no additional maintenance aside from standard oral hygiene, and help keep your jawbone from degenerating. They’re a perfect option for anyone who is missing one or more teeth.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

It depends on how many dental implants you’re receiving and whether you are getting them implanted in your upper or lower jaw, but the procedure takes anywhere between six months to one year. Once we determine you're a good candidate for dental implants and you decide to proceed, you will first get the titanium rod implanted through your gums and into your jawbone. After the titanium rod has fused to your jawbone, you will return for another appointment to receive a connective abutment structure that will attach to your dental restoration.

How Do I Care for a Dental Implant?

After your dental implant heals, you can eat, talk, brush, and floss as you normally would! Your dental implant does not require any special care or maintenance but a professional dental cleaning with a hygienist is a must.

Dental Implants in Oakville, Ontario

If you’ve lost one or more teeth, know that dental implants are a wonderful solution that can help restore the gorgeous and functional smile you deserve. If you’d like to learn more about dental implants and see if they’re right for you, contact our friendly team at Kiwi Dental for a consultation. We would be thrilled to help restore your smile!

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Dr. Nourian

Dr. Somayeh Nourian is the principal dentist at Kiwi Dental focusing on restorative, cosmetic and dental surgeries. With over 14 years of experience as a family dentist, she has earned the trust of many families to take care of their oral health.

She graduated from the University of Ottawa with a bachelor of Biochemistry and earned her dental degree from the University of Toronto in 2006. She has a passion for dental surgeries including dental implants and gum grafts and is currently part of the Ontario Dental Implant Network.

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